A collaboration with Julia Hovve, a photographer and artist from London, based in Berlin. Her work explores the themes of intimacy, gender perception, and the dream state.Through this collaboration, they aim to capture the spirit of this collective of differences. Models Leon Romeike, Alienor Solefa, Marco Hunger. This editorial aims to create the perfection of imperfection, the clothes questioning the status of fashion through the suggestion of the absence of them. The characters within provoking questions, and answering at the same time what it means to be genderless, ageless, stripped of all societal labels and drifting without harmful word or action. Appreciating the roots of where they come from – the Earth. The Womb.

Design: Hedwig Vervoort
Photography : Julia Hovve
Make-up/ hair : Samantha Pottmaier
Models: Leon Romeike, Alienor Solefa, Marco Hunger